I got the idea for this wonderfully delicious veggie bagel sandwich from The Pioneer Woman‘s blog. I always love checking out her blog and when I saw this master piece, I knew it would be one that I wanted to make for my sweetest husband!

Once you buy all the ingredients, you could really make this sandwich about 5 times! How awesome is that?! Talk about getting the most out of your money.

My husband describes this tall loaded veggie bagel sandwich as “vegetable flavored unity” and “the biggest guilt-free sandwich known to man”. I just love his flavor descriptions! 🙂

I wanted to mention a tip that many of you may already know. But, once you use a green onion/chives, make sure you leave the bottom roots, stick it in a cup, (I used a mason jar because it’s cute) and then it regrows! Again, I love getting the most out of my money, and this is a trick that will help you save at the store!

bagel, sliced and toasted, we got a pack of delicious Finagle a Bagel‘s at Wegmans!
cream cheese
chives/green onion, chopped
monterey jack with jalapeno cheese, sliced
avocado, sliced
cucumber, sliced
tomato, sliced
red onion, sliced

*I am not putting exact portions of these ingredients because it is really up to you how much you would like to use!

1. Toast your bagel.
2. Combine your cream cheese with some chopped chives to make a chive cream cheese.
3. Spread the cream cheese on the both sides of the bagel.
4. Load all the remaining ingredients.
5. Enjoy!

veggie bagel sandwich 1 .jpg veggie bagel sandwich 2 .jpgveggie bagel sandwich 6.jpg veggie bagel sandwich 3 .jpg veggie bagel sandwich 4 .jpg

veggie bagel sandwich 5 .jpgMy husband after diving into his first mouthful! 🙂