Husband Guest Post!

If you’re reading this, chances are that you share my love for either smoked salmon, bagel sandwiches, or both…we already get along!

When Courtney and I were on our honeymoon, I ate a lot. One of the things that I over-indulged in was smoked salmon — it always seemed to be around!

Ever since that trip, I have been craving smoked salmon, and those cravings finally collided with my intense need for a bagel today in what has now been deemed “the ultimate smoked salmon sandwich.” It was big, it was messy, and it left me feeling extremely happy. You will need to try this, even if you aren’t a fan of a specific ingredient, just sub it out and get munching. Here is what you’ll need to know:

1 everything bagel
smoked salmon
cream cheese
red onion

1. Slice your bagel and decide whether or not to toast it. For the utmost sandwich sturdiness, do NOT toast.
2. Chop a handful of scallions very finely, then mix into your cream cheese…Chive cream cheese! Spread this goodness on both sides of your bagel in generous portions.
3. Slice or fold your smoked salmon very thin and cover one side of your bagel, as much as you want.
4. Slice some red onion and coat your fish, then add nice thick slices of tomato on top of that.
5. Capers are a nice sour, salty add-on, so sprinkle a handful of those over everything. If you can’t handle capers, I forgive you — but please still make this sandwich.
6. Close this mammoth concoction by topping it with your other cream-cheese-covered bagel slice.
7. Do a few jaw exercises, get a pile of napkins ready, then dig in!

smoked salmon sandwich 1 .jpg smoked salmon sandwich 2.jpg smoked salmon sandwich 3.jpg smoked salmon sandwich 4.jpg smoked salmon sandwich 5.jpg smoked salmon sandwich 6 .jpg smoked salmon sandwich 7 .jpg smoked salmon sandwich 8 .jpg smoked salmon sandwich 8.jpg smoked salmon sandwich 9 .jpg5 minutes later…
smoked salmon sandwich 11.jpg