Would you believe me if I told you that we ate turkey for an entire week?! From the same turkey? Well, we did, and some may have been skeptical at the thought, but by mixing it up each night and having our turkey serve a different purpose each meal, we never got tired of it.

In fact, we’re planning to do it again soon! When in November, right?

We also should chat about the money savings here….we bought an 11lb turkey at the grocery store, and it fed my husband and me (2 adults), and our toddler, for 5 dinner meals and probably 3-4 lunch meals as well.

The bird cost us ~$20.00, if you multiply 9 total meals x 3 people, (Me, Forrest, and our oldest), that’s 27 individual meals. That means, speaking strictly turkey costs, we spent less than $0.75 per meal!

But how could someone eat the same protein (leftovers, no less) for an entire week and not get tired of it. Here’s what we did:

Night 1: We enjoyed our turkey hot out of the oven, with all the fixings. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce…YUM!

Night 2: The Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich ft. Sir Kensingtons Mustard + Mayo. Dang, this was good! We’ve made one of these before, and it was colossal.

Night 3: Turkey and Rice Soup

Night 4: Turkey Tetrazinni

Night 5: Leftovers, and more leftovers!

A couple years ago, we also went on a massive Thanksgiving Food extravaganza, (back when we didn’t have 2 young children and could dedicate much more time to HOMEMADE BACON AND APPLE stuffing and HOMEMADE MAPLE JALAPEƑO gravy) – read more about it here. Oh, and that year we used a chicken instead of a turkey, you should check that out too, because it was darn good!