This was a first for me, I have never made tostadas before! I got the inspiration for this post from, once again, 100 Days of Real Food. I love finding recipes, comparing them to others, and then creating something that I love! I am so thankful for food bloggers who continue to inspire me.

I was originally just going to make chicken and cheese tostadas, but then I realized I have tons of veggies, so why not throw them on?! Veggies make everything more colorful, tastier, and healthier!

1 chicken breast, grilled and chopped into small pieces
corn tortillas
light sour cream
1/4 of a red onion, minced
1/2 of an avocado, sliced
1 jalapeño, minced
1/2 of a tomato, seeded and chopped
1 cup shredded monterey jack cheese
1 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp chili powder
limes, sliced

*I would have used cilantro, but I did not have any.

1. Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees.
2. In a medium mixing bowl, combine the chicken, red onion, jalapeño, cheese, cumin and chili powder.
3. Place your corn tortillas on a greased baking pan, and divide the mixture onto each tortilla. Now, place the pan in the oven for about 5 minutes.
4. Take the pan out and add the sour cream, avocado, tomato, and some fresh lime juice!
5. Enjoy!

My husband made some pretty fabulous corn on the grill tonight! I was definitely a fan, so I had to share it. 🙂

corn on the cob 1.jpg corn on the cob 2 .jpgBack to tostadas pictures…
tostadas 1 .jpg tostadas 2 .jpg tostadas 4.jpg tostadas 5.jpg tostadas 6 .jpg tostadas 6.jpg