Today I was thinking that I have probably posted enough recipes to be able to compile a list of my top 20 thus far. This list was not easy to come up with because we have an unreal amount of favorites.

That being said, we chose each and every one of these very specifically because they were amazingly memorable.

(Also, please note that these are in no particular order)

Drum roll please….

1. Avocado bacon breakfast sandwich

2. Asparagus roll ups 

3. Fluffy french toast

4. Chicken turkey honey-mustard panini

5. Loaded veggie pizza (and pizza dough recipe)

6. Turkey bacon wrapped egg

7. Healthy coconut chocolate chip cookies

8. Sweet and sour chicken 

9. Turkey chili

10. Protein powder pancakes (& these ones too)

11. Baked healthy chicken nuggets

12. Veggie naan pizza

13. Chicken pie

14. Artisan bread (or this bread too!)

15. Chicken corn soup

16. Easy cream mac and cheese

17. Jalapeño chicken burger

18. Peanut butter blondie bars

19. Baked jalapeño poppers

20. Chicken croquettes

Okay, I am going to add one more since I just realized these are all chicken!! Brazilian steak sliders! 🙂 

So, these are just some of our favorites. It was super difficult to choose since we pretty much fall in love with every recipe we create.

Hope you enjoyed the list!