saving money this thanksgiving

saving money this thanksgiving
It’s that time of year – Thanksgiving. The time when your grocery bill probably goes through the roof due to all of your family gatherings.

My husband and I have decided to see how cheap we could make this meal for. And, I am talking about the Thanksgiving Chicken, Apple and Bacon Stuffing, Maple and Jalapeño Gravy, homemade rolls, homemade mashed potatoes, as well as a side of green beans.

We made all of this, an entire Thanksgiving meal for 4, for a total of $24.27.

Here’s the break down: 

Butter- $2.99
Yeast- $0.99
Chicken Broth- $2.49
Cranberry Sauce- $1.79
Bacon- $2.50
Roaster Chicken- $6.61
Loaf of Italian Bread- $2.50
Jalapeño Pepper- $0.40
Potatoes- $2.91
Green Beans- $1.09

saving money this thanksgiving
How good does this plate of food look?! Yummmm I could eat it all over again right now.

The best part of it all is….

That we also made two Thanksgiving Leftover meals with all of this food that I am going to share with you these next two days. So, $24.27 divided by 6 (two Thanksgiving dinner meals AND including two sets of TWO Thanksgiving leftover meals) brings us to a whopping total of $4.04 per delicious plate.

YES! And we still have some leftovers sitting in the fridge.

Just wait until you see our Thanksgiving leftover meals.

I want you to understand how it is possible to shop smart! Only buy what you need for the recipe and do not go overboard. Yes, we had things in the house like flour, and sugar, salt, and pepper that we didn’t need to buy. But still…I am proud of us for keeping it low.

saving money this thanksgiving saving money this thanksgivingsaving money this thanksgiving

Oh, and those rolls pictured above were also homemade, I’m considering posting the recipe for those as well.