repurposed window frame

While I was away about a month ago, I found this treasure of a window frame antique shopping. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I knew I had to have it.

I don’t know what it is, but I just find this old window frame to be special. Perhaps it’s the exposed wood base, or even that it is painted imperfectly. So many little imperfections that I love! My favorite thing I like about this window frame is the chipped paint. I knew when I bought it that I wasn’t going to sand it down and repaint it. It looks too good this way! You can’t beat character – and it makes me think about the story behind the frame, who’s looked through it before me, what the view through the glass has been…

I did know however, that I was going to get crafty with it. Now, I am well aware that putting pictures in each frame of this window doesn’t technically qualify as crafty, but I had been tinkering with the idea for weeks now. Plus, we had an old window frame lying around!

I just needed to get the right pictures for it. And, we did! Our dear friends from Culton Photography took some beautiful photos of my husband and I for our one year anniversary. We absolutely adore these pictures – the lighting in them is unreal!

So, here you have it, my repurposed window frame – filled with some of my favorite pictures. We hope to hang it on the wall in the future when we own the walls that we’d attempt to screw this heavy frame into 🙂

All I did was:
Remove of the excess paint that was already falling off
Wash the windows clean
Order some pictures
Get some tape
Place the pictures behind the glass
Place the tape on the top and bottom of the picture
There you have it!

repurposed window frame repurposed window framerepurposed window frame