Before I had my sweet girl, everyone told me that my life would never be the same. What those people failed to mention is that life will forever be so much greater.

I personally feel a greater purpose for living as a new mother – to raise my girl to love Jesus Christ and to always be a light in this world. We want our girl to have a huge heart for Jesus and for it to play out in her daily life. We would love nothing more than for her to be the kind of girl that without being asked, goes up to someone at recess who is playing by themselves and asks them to play – not just for the sake of being recognized by a teacher or to get some sort of praise by an adult, but just because that is where her heart is. We want her heart to always be thinking of other people, reaching out, being thoughtful and kind.

If we want to achieve this in our daughter, a lot depends how my husband and I treat each other. I have realized through the past four months that my husband is much more than just my best friend. He is truly my greatest team mate in this whole parenting thing. He is so much a part of our daily routines and we lean on each other in so many ways throughout the day. I am very fortunate that my husband works from home. If I ever need a few minutes to get something done, or I am having a hard day, he is always right there to tap in and help out. I am so blessed to have a husband who cares – and cares deeply.


Watching my husband transition into the role of daddy has been just about the greatest thing I have ever witnessed. The way he plays with our girl, looks at her, interacts with her, every single thing melts my heart. He is the best daddy. He always knows what to do to make her smile. I love watching the two of them play together. Their eyes are always so fixated on each other – so filled with love.

The past four months with our daughter have been so much fun. We really had no idea what we were getting into. Before we got married, we didn’t read any books or manuals on how to be a husband or a wife, although we thoroughly enjoyed our premarital counseling.  And before having our daughter, we didn’t “do” too much either in the way of heavy research. For some, this may seem foolish. Call us unprepared and naive – but we have so much trust in God, and in each other, that we just dive right in to whatever is next.


We continue to fall more and more in love. Motherhood is not always the easiest, in fact, some days are really really hard. But it never takes away from the love and the joy. There have been struggles, for example, a long stretch of a tough nursing strike as well as a bad case of mastitis. Yet, that is not the stuff I dwell on or think of when I think back to the first few months of my baby girls life.

Holding my little girly is my favorite thing to do. I am so thankful that she is as warm and cuddly as she is! There is nothing better than nursing cuddles. She is so out, or as some people call it, “milk-drunk”, that all she wants is to be held by her mama. It’s the best! Each night when my husband and I put her down to bed, we spend the rest of the evening together catching up on our days, sometimes eating late dinners, and of course, talking about our little sweetie. We often find ourselves looking at pictures or videos taken that day.

You can call me obsessed, which would be fair, but I would call myself 100% smitten.

I will never regret staying at home with her and watching her change and grow every single day. The moments we share together as we enjoy each other’s company is unlike any other. Is it weird to call my (almost) four month old daughter my best friend? My side kick? My everything? Don’t get me wrong, my husband is all of those things to me as well. 🙂 I am just simply in awe of the love that I feel for her – it is unlike anything I have ever felt or experienced.


This is the most fun, rewarding, challenging, sometimes tough, joyous job there is. I look forward to each and every day that I wake up and get to see my baby girl’s smile with the happiness that a new day brings us.

I was thinking about something the other day and so I started talking to my husband about it. I was thinking about how much our little girl loves her daddy and me. How she will kiss us first thing in morning, without having brushed our teeth, showered, gotten dressed. She loves us as we are, imperfect and all. And I was comparing that to how our Heavenly Father loves us – imperfect and all. Now, there are big differences between my baby’s love for me versus how Jesus loves me, but both remind me to not get caught up in all the things I think I need to be or do in order to be lovable, but to focus on the characteristics of me that matter.  Raising her makes me want to be a better person – I want to be the best role model and example to my little love.

You may be wondering what the point of this blog post was or why I wrote it, and to be frank, there wasn’t really a point, I just wanted to share where I am at right now, and how insanely happy I am – life is good. Life is really, really good. Parenting with my incredibly sweet husband by my side is nothing short of a dream