pomegranate salad

Would you rather buy a $7.99 bottle of POM juice or grab a $2.00 pomegranate and make your own fun with it?!

We bought a pomegranate for our Thanksgiving dinner, and didn’t want to just use it for decoration next to the Thanksgiving Chicken.

So, we decided to deseed the pomegranate using the wooden spoon technique to get out all of the pomegranate seeds. This is absolutely the fastest way!

The sweetness of the pomegranate and the pear juices pair so nicely with the feta. You really don’t need more than a simple oil and vinegar dressing here. Just a little spritz! We decided to use a baby spinach mix to feel good about ourselves, but really any green would taste great.

pomegranate saladpomegranate salad
mixed greens
pomegranate seeds
feta cheese
dried cranberries
pear, sliced

1. Place all ingredients in a bowl.
2. Top with your favorite dressing.
3. Enjoy!

pomegranate saladpomegranate salad pomegranate salad