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I love cookbooks, but half the time they end up being nice coffee table books that I’d like to think I pull inspiration from. At the end of the day, I like attractive food pictures and I like simple, practical recipes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the cookbook for me. It is called The Perfect Portion Cookbook. This cookbook has such beautiful images! The recipes are direct and easy to follow, which I really enjoy since I have a 7 month old daughter and I don’t necessarily have the time to be whipping up big, elaborate meals anymore.

This is fine with us because we like to take the everyday ingredients and make something magical out of them.

The cookbook highlights some of the most beloved comfort foods and shows you how to enjoy them in healthy amounts. The 100-calorie portion graphic really helps to visualize just how much of the dish you should be partaking in to consume the 100-calorie goal. The cookbook illustrates this very well on each individual recipe.

For example, one of my favorite comfort foods is Turkey Tetrazzini (this cookbook says it perfectly, “Lucky for us this creamy comfort food casserole isn’t relegated to leftover holiday turkey anymore.”) Turkey Tetrazzini can be enjoyed year round, am I right?!

The next recipe that I have not yet made but I am dying to try due to my husband’s Pennsylvania roots is the Amazing Apple Butter recipe. I’m sure this will make our house smell incredible while baking and be enjoyed on many english muffins. (Also, I love the cookbooks Helpful Tip about freezing half, or giving it as gifts – what a great idea!)

I read / use / browse through many cookbooks, and this one has surely stood out to me as one with so many pros!


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