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Hey There!
We're Forrest & Courtney

Courtney began this site as a way to save recipes when we were married in 2013. Now we have two kids, and a lot more to share.

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Reality Check

We're young with
two little kids, but
we know we aren't
seasoned pros. We
just share as we learn.

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Breakfast, Recipes

Potato Egg Bake

Holy smokes! This breakfast was amazing! We went to the later service at church this morning so that we would have more time to cook and enjoy this delicious morning treat together, and that we did. We loved it! Our…

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Desserts, Recipes

Tiramisu For Two

This dessert was totally out of our element. We normally never venture down the tricky dessert road. We normally stick to the fairly basic cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc. This was all new to us so we had to try our…

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Dinner, Recipes

Turkey Chili

Holy deliciousness! This turkey chili is SO incredibly wonderful! To be completely honest, we weren’t even planning on doing it with ground turkey, but when we were at the grocery store this past Sunday, all of the ground beef had…

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Dinner, Recipes

Chicken BBQ Salad

This somewhat healthy and extremely flavorful (and very easy) chicken BBQ salad is a delight. I can imagine a salad like this costing a good 10-15 dollars at a restaurant. However, when you make a homemade salad, you can have…

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Crafts, Love

DIY Wedding

I am posting some of our DIY Wedding crafts. Everything took a lot of time and effort, however my mom and I worked as a team to get things done. We were behind all of the crafty-things, while Forrest was…

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Dinner, Lunch, Recipes, Snacks

Artisan No-Knead Bread

I am here to report that this is the most simple, straight-forward, DELICIOUSLY amazing bread ever. It is just 3 ingredients (plus water!) Can you believe it?! Kosher salt, unbleached all-purpose flour, and instant yeast. My mom taught me how…

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