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Hey There!
We're Forrest & Courtney

Courtney began this site as a way to save recipes when we were married in 2013. Now we have two kids, and a lot more to share.

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Reality Check

We're young with
two little kids, but
we know we aren't
seasoned pros. We
just share as we learn.

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Breakfast, Recipes

Customized French Toast

Fun idea to spice up your classic french toast breakfast! 🙂 I know this may seem like your typical french toast breakfast and you may be wondering why I am even bothering to post such a classic breakfast meal. But,…

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Dinner, Recipes


This meal has very few ingredients, and just as few directions. It is a quick and easy dinner meal and you can really put whatever your heart desires inside of the stromboli. Some like pepperoni, sausage, or even grilled chicken….

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Crafts, Love

DIY Wedding

I am posting some of our DIY Wedding crafts. Everything took a lot of time and effort, however my mom and I worked as a team to get things done. We were behind all of the crafty-things, while Forrest was…

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Dinner, Lunch, Recipes, Snacks

Artisan No-Knead Bread

I am here to report that this is the most simple, straight-forward, DELICIOUSLY amazing bread ever. It is just 3 ingredients (plus water!) Can you believe it?! Kosher salt, unbleached all-purpose flour, and instant yeast. My mom taught me how…

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Our Wedding!

Since this blog is called The Newlyweds Cookbook, I thought it would be fitting if I shared some of my favorite photos from our wedding day. I tried to choose a culmination of some of the DIY things that my…

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