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Hey There!
We're Forrest & Courtney

Courtney began this site as a way to save recipes when we were married in 2013. Now we have two kids, and a lot more to share.

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Reality Check

We're young with
two little kids, but
we know we aren't
seasoned pros. We
just share as we learn.

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This was a first for me, I have never made tostadas before! I got the inspiration for this post from, once again, 100 Days of Real Food. I love finding recipes, comparing them to others, and then creating something that…

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Garden Pie

As I mentioned on my weekly meal post, I am using two recipes from a blog I was recently told about. The blog is called 100 Days of Real Food and I absolutely love it! Tonight, I used her tomato pie…

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weekly meal schedule
Weekly Meal Schedules

Meals For The Week 7/14

Well, it’s Wednesday, and I typically try to post my weekly meal schedule by Sunday, and if I can’t, then Monday. However, this week is a bit different because I have been away with my husband’s family for the past…

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BLT with Guacamole

A BLT is the perfect summer sandwich, so adding guacamole to it make this the perfect sandwich. Period. There is nothing quite like a pile of salty, crispy bacon next to a generous portion of fresh sliced tomatoes. Add in…

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Homemade Kettle Corn

I am deciding whether or not it was a good thing that I learned how to make my own homemade kettle corn. While it is of course cheaper and most likely healthier to make it yourself, it still has some…

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