A couple weekends ago, my husband took me away to a beautiful B&B for my birthday. It was a nice way to “get away” and just be able to relax. We didn’t even plan our days ahead of time 🙂

This was such a blessing, as Intentional Time Together is something we care so much about. It truly is cherished time.

We stayed at the cutest Bed and Breakfast and had tons of fun walking around the surrounding towns. It snowed most of the time which made the trip that much more romantic!

I wanted to share a few photos with you to maybe help inspire your own weekend away:

Our wintry home away from home! Listening to Christmas music around here felt lie a perfect fit.

trip-to-vt-7We always enjoy walking around downtown areas like this one! No chain stores or shops, just fun boutiques and bookstores!

trip-to-vt-6Did you know the hubs has an obsession with anything Reuben-related? He had these Reuben spring rolls and devoured them.
trip-to-vt-4A long way down!

trip-to-vt-8Our favorite place to eat this weekend! We went twice. Crazy good wings, nachos, rabbit egg rolls (hubby’s favorite, they made me sad), and lots of other yummy choices!
trip-to-vt-2trip-to-vt-17The BEST FRENCH TOAST ever! We enjoyed it during our Sunday brunch.

trip-to-vt-5 trip-to-vt-10I told you we went back 😉 That’s Forrest eating rabbit 🙁

trip-to-vt-12trip-to-vt-11trip-to-vt-9trip-to-vt-3trip-to-vt-14Who knew a flour company could have such a fun corporate store!!?

trip-to-vt-15Covered bridges everywhere!

trip-to-vt-16Selfies 🙂