My sweet husband and I just celebrated one year of marriage together (August 3rd!) and were able to getaway for a long weekend! We had such a wonderful time, despite the rain we had for most of our trip.

Rain couldn’t stop our fun! 🙂 We made our own sunshine! Corny, right?

anniversary-7-The first thing we did when we got to our location was get some coffee, of course. Forrest got up extra early that morning to get in some work before we left! What a guy! We love enjoying iced lattes with almond milk! 🙂

anniversary-5-We got to ride our bikes to the beach whenever we wanted! It was only about a mile and a half bike ride to the beach, and we loved doing this! I admit that this was a pretty risky selfie – oops! The picture was so worth it though.

anniversary-3- We made our very own margaritas to celebrate in our rented “back yard”!

anniversary-13-We spend a good amount of our long weekend in our rain coats because it rained a lot. We used this time to explore different towns and shops. As the passenger, I was in charge of the map…

anniversary-4-anniversary-23 We explored so many different beaches! Reppin’ our Gordon College umbrella.

anniversary-10-anniversary-8-We enjoyed some killer food while we were exploring a beautiful quaint town. I love having the most beautiful view of my husband across the table from me. 🙂

anniversary-24While we were exploring the towns, my husband surprised me with a gift from one of the stores! Ceramic measuring spoons. I am so obsessed with them! Super cute, huh?!

anniversary-21-We had a break in the rain, so of course, we made a quick bike ride down to the beach to enjoy some reading time! Wooo, one year!

anniversary-14-anniversary-1-I love writing in the sand! My husband says my “sandwriting” is actually better than my handwriting!

anniversary-12-anniversary-21Another quick beach stop before our one year anniversary dinner! Do you like my classic girl beach pose?!

anniversary-6-After a ridiculously amazing dinner, we enjoyed some cappuccinos and a wonderful dessert.


These are my favorite pictures! We enjoyed our one year anniversary personalized forks from For Such A Time Designs. They were so adorable and made our eating of our cake even more fun!

anniversary-2-We were thrilled that the sun decided to show up on the last day of our long weekend!

anniversary-11-anniversary-18-We had so much fun spending time with each other, laughing a lot, creating memories, etc. Time with my husband is my favorite time! 🙂

Oh, P.S: We collect sand from every beach we go to and store it in a mini mason jar with a label of the place and the date. I would suggest it – such a fun thing to do!