valentines brunch

Sometimes I wonder, “how did I get so lucky?” Actually…I wonder that more than sometimes, more like….every. single. day.

My husband is such a sweet, kind, gentle, loving, tender, thoughtful man. I definitely scored when I said yes to marrying him.

I am feeling all sentimental while I write this right now, and I know this post is long overdue, but I believe that my man deserves a shout out for his stellar performance on my Valentines Day Brunch. (Better late than never, right?!)

valentines brunch

Are you joking me with this menu?! How adorable is this? I love when he puts his design  skills to use when making me something creative. They don’t call us Mindbrew Creative for nothing. 😉

(Also, I figured it was about time that I come clean with you —  I have been eating gluten free for a few months now, which of course made this spread of breakfast foods a bit more challenging for Forrest. But, he took this challenge and totally rocked it. After a few weeks of battling some serious stomach pains and various doctors appointments, it was decided that I should try this style of eating. I will say that it’s been a few months now and I have completely stuck to it, and I haven’t had a single stomach pain + I feel great! I just do not want to become the type of person who blabs and blabs about how much eating gluten free has changed their lives…so there’s that.

(Hopefully) the blog will not become a gluten free blog, because I still do a lot of non-gluten-free cooking – for my husband and for others. A lot of times I will make a recipe for the two of us and just slightly alter it to my own specific needs. For example, last night we made our Sweet Potato BBQ Wraps and my husband ate it the way I blogged it, and I had everything  minus the wrap!

My husband has been super flexible when it comes to recipes that need pasta or flour. We have been using brown rice pasta or quinoa pasta, and then for flour we switch between almond, coconut, and all-purpose gluten free flour. I really appreciate his willingness to try new foods with me and to alter some of our recipes just to make life easier.

Anyway, GF rant done. Thanks for listening :), never again).

valentines brunch

I feel silly for posting this over a month late, but the sweetness overload was through the roof + sometimes I just feel as thought my husband deserves a little bragging.

So, for Valentines Day, once we put our little love bug down for her morning nap, my husband made me a path of rose petals that led to this incredible brunch spread.

I love thinking about all the planning, preparation and time it takes to put together something like this, especially because he was making everything gluten free. Wondering what is in the top right? Those are homemade, from scratch gluten-free cinnamon rolls. Seriously?! He’s awesome!

I thank God daily for this amazing man! I am so lucky that he is MY husband and the daddy to our sweet little girly! And he’s a decent cook too…

valentines brunch valentines brunchvalentines brunch valentines brunch valentines brunch valentines brunch

So there you have it. I should have taken an “after” picture so you could see how much got devoured! I suppose you could say that food may be my love language? I actually think that thoughtfulness is, and my husband goes above and beyond in that category (and every other category known to man.)

I love him so much!