mama and baby approved green smoothie

These days my little 8 month-old girly reaches for everything that I have in my hands, most notably, food.

She loves food, which of course, makes me a happy mommy because it is obviously something my husband and I are passionate about. I’d love for her to grow up to be an adventurous eater who will try everything. I can only guess that starting earlier will help her get used to eating whatever is placed in front of her.

Having her venture into the world of solids makes us be healthier eaters too ( + drinkers—> hence, this green smoothie). So, if she is going to be reaching for my smoothie, I better make sure it is full of good ingredients.

mama and baby approved green smoothie

Now, please bear with me on my ingredient amounts because with smoothies, I do it different almost every time, depending on what I have in the fridge, but this is the most common one we have been enjoying.

I will typically pour some into a little bowl and spoon feed some to my little girl (or just from my cup). She likes to put her mouth on my straw, but she hasn’t quite figured out the whole sucking thing yet!

handful (or two) of spinach
1/2 cup plain organic yogurt
juice of 1 orange
1 whole banana
1 cup of mixed frozen fruit (pineapple, mango, peach, strawberry)
1 cup organic almond milk
2 tbsp avocado

1. Put all the ingredients into a Nutribullet and blend.
2. Enjoy!