After the perfect relaxing weekend, it is time to get back to meal planning!

After being inspired by a grilling magazine, Forrest is taking over the grill (and blog) tomorrow night with some crazy BBQ recipe. Stay tuned!

Also, we will be having one of our favorites, chicken pie, as well as spicy garlic hamburgers.

On Wednesday, it is my husband’s birthday!!! 🙂 Last year, we decided that for our birthdays, we will try to save some money and we will make each others favorite recipe! He decided on a hearty man’s man bowl(s) of chili! His wish is my command!!

This coming weekend, we will be out and about and not preparing too many meals. So, we will be relying on some leftovers!

Have a great week, everyone!

This pumpkin apple smoothie is healthy, easy, and a great fall drink on the go!