weekly meal schedule

Summer is soon over, and kids will be back in school…but there’s time for more yummy summer meals!

I have my meals all planned out and ready for the week, so here they are! I am really excited about them. I hope you have the opportunity to make some of my recipes this week! 🙂

This week’s line up: chicken fajita lasagna, chicken caprese subs, BBQ bacon cheeseburgers, and garden veggie risotto. I can not wait! I think the chicken caprese subs will be especially wonderful because they will be including our fabulous baked chicken bites, (but we will be making them in stripes instead).

Forrest and I are having friends over Friday night and I am hoping to create a no-bake dessert recipe to share with you! If you have any inspiration or special requests, send me a note on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I love creating new desserts. 🙂

I hope you have a great week!