weekly meal schedule

Another week with just three meals to make! I can’t decide whether or not I like that…

It makes me a bit sad because I really do love making dinner, taking pictures of our dinner, editing photos, and writing blog posts. However, I do like it because it means we’re most likely away doing something fun, and it means my grocery bill will (hopefully) go down!

This week we are doing something I haven’t done on this blog yet…..drum roll….

SEAFOOD!!! I am trying to enjoy seafood more, so tonight, I am making chicken and shrimp kabobs. I also feel like I am depriving my husband of one of his favorite food categories by not cooking it for him. So, I, being a loving wife, am starting off this seafood thing with shrimp.

You’ll also see some quesadillas and an asian-inspired chicken sandwich coming up. I will also be posting an appetizer, perhaps a breakfast or a dessert? The options are endless…

meals for the week 8-18