weekly meal schedule

Forrest’s parents were up visiting us this past weekend and they brought with them some goodies, such as some treats from Relish Food Company from his aunt, canned peaches from his Grammy, and lots of meat from his Dad! So, this week we will be having some baby back ribs and a pork tenderloin! Both of which are things that we normally wouldn’t use, so we are really excited.

And, of course, you will see that I have breakfast for dinner listed for one of our meals and that is because we both love breakfast food so much, so every few weeks we will have it for dinner as well. What’re you making this week?! Leave a comment to let us know!

I forgot to mention one thing, we switched grocery stores! We happened into Wegmans last week to grab one thing and started to walk around and look at their prices. We suddenly realized that we could be saving even more money by shopping at Wegmans!! Their store brand is much cheaper and high quality. It’ll take us a few trips to know where everything is but it will be worth it.

Have a great week!

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