weekly meal schedule

Don’t you love my new meals for the week image?! My talented husband made it for me! You should check out his business website 🙂 Here’s the deal, from now on, when you see that picture on my blog post, it means:
1. It’s Sunday.
2. Our meals for the week and our grocery list are all planned out.
3. You should check out what we’re cooking.
4. And you should probably also comment and tell me what YOU are making this week.

So here it is – meals for the week! We are making a spinach ricotta calzone and I am so excited – I love calzones! Tuesday night I will not be around, so Forrest will have to fend for himself…hot dogs?! 😉 The speciality turkey apple panini is a rendition of one of my favorite sandwiches from a favorite restaurant in PA called The Local. We are also going to make tomato pasta, also known as one pot pasta because you put everything in one pot and a little while later, it’s a delicious dinner. On Friday night, Forrest and I are hanging out with some friends and we offered to bring the appetizer, so stay tuned to see what we whip up for our appetizer! Have a wonderful week! What’re you making this week?! Let me know! I am always looking for ideas 🙂

meals 324.jpg