I feel like it has been forever since I have posted a weekly meal schedule! Last week was a busy week, forgive me!

This week we are going to be making three different meals. One of them is something we thought of while driving around this weekend…Mexican breakfast bowls. We will basically be combining our chicken tortilla bowls and our breakfast pizza into one. How amazing does that sound?!

We will also be making veggie stromboli and then some sausage soup.  If you haven’t yet noticed, fall soups are a big deal in our home.

If you look below at my weekly meal plan, you will see that from Friday – Sunday (and then all of the following week), my husband and I will be in Haiti! We are so excited about this adventure we are blessed to be able to go on together and can not wait to come back and share our experiences (and maybe some photos of Haitian food)! 🙂

Have a great week! What are you cooking?!

meals for the week 10-27