weekly meal planning

One of the main reasons Forrest and I were so excited to start our blogging process a few years back was due to our love of meal planning. We were never ones to show up to the grocery store and just shop to fill a cart. We are always there with a paper in hand (sometimes our phone, but I still prefer a written list). It helps keep our grocery spending in check, and although we can’t claim any sort of moral authority on this topic, it feels good to not waste food.

Still to this day, with two little girls added to our family, and quite a higher grocery bill than before, we still very much enjoy taking the time to plan out our meals and a grocery list.

We have a few thoughts and strategies that go into our meal planning, and I figured that since I got so many responses to my Instagram story poll, that I would share them with you.

Here is what works for us:

  1. We like to buy ingredients that can be used throughout a variety of recipes that week
  2. We buy in season produce as much as possible
  3. The goal is to end the week with an empty fridge, so that nothing was wasted, thrown away, or bought without a purpose

Okay, now onto our weekly meal plan for this past week (I’m a bit behind, I will try to keep up with posting our weekly meal schedules again).

Saturday: steak tacos

Sunday: huevos rancheros (we LOVE breakfast for dinner!)

Monday: fajita chicken + rice bowl

Tuesday: grilled chicken caprese

Wednesday: sweet potato bbq bowl

Thursday: veggie risotto

Friday: date night in – we ordered burritos from our favorite local spot!

When we compile our list each week, we start with our kitchen essentials that we know we will need (milk, eggs, butter, cream, some snacks for the girls, some cereal, oatmeal…etc), and then we add in the ingredients we’ll need for each of our dinners. We always look to see if we have some of the ingredients in our pantry, but since we’ve been shopping like this for some time now, we rarely have much to work with!

We have a goal each week for our grocery bill to be under $100. This week we did not make it, as it was $113. But it is so helpful to look at your receipt afterwards and realize what items were more expensive than you would have anticipated. For example, we got two tomatoes and later realized that it cost $4.0o total for the both of them. It is also winter – which doesn’t help – but now we know to be a bit more aware about which tomatoes we buy.

What about you? Do you meal plan? If so, do you enjoy meal planning? Do you have weekly meal staples or are you constantly mixing it up? Let us know!