This post is meant to be about the little things that are special about marriage and why I love being a wife to my most wonderful husband.

Forrest and I love to do little things for each other that we know will bring a smile to the other person’s face, or that we know will make their day easier. Please continue reading!

Just a brief background first- Forrest and I went through a bit of transition lately, we had to make some big decisions and we’ve found ourselves growing closer with one another and with Christ through this time of uncertainty. Luckily, through prayer and mentorship from some wonderful people, Forrest decided to quit his job and start up his own marketing and design agency, Mindbrew Creative! (Yay! I made a plug for him!) But, in all seriousness, this was not an easy decision, he was leaving a job that was steady and reliable. He left this company to go out onto his own and I am so proud of him. I knew he could do it. I am going off topic here but I just want to say that even when you’re going through any sort of change, trusting in the Lord and relying on Him to answer your prayers truly brings you together as a couple.

Forrest and I are lucky enough to spend time together every morning. He works from home and I don’t have to leave our house for work until 8:15, so we get up early, get ready for our day, eat breakfast and do our morning devotional, Jesus Calling. Normally I am running around in the morning to shower, blow dry my hair, put out breakfast, etc., but it is so nice to spend our mornings with the other person around.

It’s funny…we always notice that we are doing things for each other in the mornings. I make Forrest’s coffee and he will pack my lunch. I pour him a bowl of cereal, and he prepares my breakfast fruit smoothies. We like to think that we are saving the other person some time in the morning, but really, we are just doing the other person’s morning routine so they feel ready for their day. I love this about us – I love the way we constantly help each other out.

This may seem like a silly example, but this is just one way we show each other that we are always there to help each other out. Starting each morning with our devotional really sets the tone for our work-day because we are able to reflect on what we read and live it out throughout the day.

And then of course, I always leave him with a kiss and I tell him I love him. No matter what.

We love to send each other sweet texts through out the day to let the other person know that we are thinking of them. (Even if it’s just a “I love you” with a smiley emoji). We also leave each other notes. I will open up my lunch box every now and then to a sweet note from my man telling me that he hopes I have a great day and that he loves me and can’t wait to see me when I get home. I like to leave him notes on his desk or inside his laptop so that when he opens it he will see something like “Happy Monday!” or “Yay! Its Friday! Can’t wait for the weekend with you!

We love to build each other up and always encourage one another. It is these things, as well as words of affirmation that really keep us going! Who doesn’t love a compliment every now and then?!

When Forrest knows I am having a hard day or struggling with something, he will almost always do something to brighten up my mood. For example, we had to put my family dog of 12 years down and I was a complete mess, to say the least. I came home from work and Forrest had bought me tulips (one of my favorite flowers!) and gourmet pretzels from a local shop. It made me so happy. He is truly my best friend!

Forrest and I pray together on a daily basis, and we are always striving to make sure it is more like an hourly basis. Prayer is so important and it is so vital in a marriage to come to the Lord together in prayer. I love to pray for Forrest. I go to Christ daily and pray for my husband. I pray from the very minute things to the most important matters. I pray for his safety, his health, his relationships, his company, his walk with the Lord, etc. We are in no ways pillars of the Christian faith, but we have found a strong urge to always be in prayer. You’ll be surprised just how much it changes your day.

Forrest and I have the same sense of humor. Let me correct that, my sense of humor has morphed into Forrest’s sense of humor. We love to joke around, and we are constantly laughing. Acting silly together is fun! Whether it’s making up ridiculous nicknames or having spontaneous date nights. Being silly and enjoying life with a sense of humor is the best. Always remember to keep things light!

Surprising each other is a fun way to be spontaneous and have some enjoyment in little scavenger hunts or blind folding and going on a surprise date. Every now and then, I will get home from a late babysitting gig and Forrest will have set up a scavenger hunt for me to get a little gift at the end. It’s just so cute and it makes me feel so special. Also, he makes really tricky clues! On that note, we LOVE love notes. I think I mentioned this before, but there is nothing like a well thought out note from your spouse that is filled with sweet words.

We also have learned to be good listeners to one another. Not interrupting, but rather just being there to listen while the other person has to unwind, vent, explain, etc. It is important to be your spouse’s confidant. You are your spouse’s best friend, so you should be able to confide in one another.

Be each others safe haven.

You should make it easy for the other person to apologize or forgive. This is something we’ve been taught by other couples and have seen it’s truth play out. Forgiveness is crucial. Don’t hold back – be open and honest with your spouse. Know your spouse’s heart.

I think this speaks volumes – I love knowing what Forrest’s hopes and dreams are. I love that I know his struggles, his strengths, what makes him sad and what makes him happy. I love knowing him inside and out.

Showing affection is a wonderful way for your spouse to feel like they are being loved. You can find us holding hands as much as possible – driving in the car, walking around, or watching TV. We love to cuddle! It is our favorite thing to do. I feel so safe and loved inside of Forrest’s arms. Intimacy is crucial in a marriage and I love being able to experience it with my husband. Be romantic together – light candles, play music, and make your time together romantic!

Romance is meant to be awesome! Make this special time a priority!

I try to always show the utmost respect and admiration towards my husband for all of his hard work. I appreciate his tenacity and drive so much. I try to let him know that as much as possible. I let Forrest know that I respect his decisions and I love that he is the head of our marriage (and spiritual leader). I help him and serve him because I love him.

I stand up for my husband and defend his name. Sometimes we joke that I am protective of him or get defensive if someone tries to make a comment that I don’t approve of. But, I will always stand up for Forrest and I do not let people talk badly about him, and this is something he notices.

Another thing I find valuable to a marriage is to build each other up in public. I will not complain about him to friends, rather I compliment him and advocate for him. If I am ever frustrated with something going on, it is to stay between the two of us. I do not believe in going to other people if there were ever problems that arose between us. We will work together and pray together to solve things – I choose to protect our marriage. We stick together!

The little things can really add up.

Every couple has their sweet spots – the little triggers that they know will melt the heart of their significant other. I share some of ours in the hopes that they will inspire you to always keep up with the little things in your relationship. They add up, and your spouse will notice.

It doesn’t matter who takes the first step, just do it! Your spouse will notice and will want nothing more than to return the favor.

Let me know in the comments below, what’s your favorite “little thing” to give – or receive – from your spouse?