Do you have a bread maker?! If not, I highly recommend you get one because the bread that it produces is absolutely amazing! We have a Black and Decker one that we love (perfect wedding gift)!

This bread, along with the artisan no-knead bread, are my two favorites!

I have to say, I could eat bread for every meal every day and be a happy camper – I am such a huge bread and butter fan. Tonight we had our bread with our signature homemade tomato soup!

1 cup warm water
2 tbsp sugar
1 packet yeast
1/4 cup vegetable oil
3 cups King Arthur Flour
1 tsp salt

*Please trust these directions. I am well aware that most bread machine instructions don’t tell you to use the yeast this way, but trust me, it works every time!! 🙂

1. Place the water, yeast, and sugar in the pan of the bread machine.
2. Let the yeast dissolve for about 10 minutes.
3. Add the flour, oil, and salt to the yeast.
4. Select the “white bread” setting, and press start!
5. The bread maker will take it from here, but it takes about 3 hours until it is ready! 6. Enjoy!

homemade bread 1 .jpg homemade bread 2.jpg homemade bread 3.jpg homemade bread 4.jpg homemade bread 5.jpg homemade bread 6.jpg