I am deciding whether or not it was a good thing that I learned how to make my own homemade kettle corn. While it is of course cheaper and most likely healthier to make it yourself, it still has some maple syrup and sugar in it, and is also most likely ending up in front of my husband and I on our movie nights…

But, let me tell you, it was AMAZING! 

And, it wasn’t that much maple syrup, and it was organic cane sugar after all.

Regardless, you need this in your life. It was absolutely phenomenal, even better than any kettle corn I have ever bought.

2 tbsp coconut oil, or vegetable oil
1/2 cup popcorn kernels
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tbsp organic cane sugar
sea salt, to taste (optional)

1. Using a WhirleyPop on medium-high heat, heat up the coconut oil (or vegetable oil), popcorn kernels, maple syrup, and cane sugar.
2. Keep the heat on medium-high heat, stirring with the handle occasionally so that the sugar doesn’t burn.
3. Once you hear the popcorn start to pop at a constant rate, turn off the heat and let it continue to pop.
4. Enjoy!