Homemade Easter Cards

Spring is finally here which makes me so happy! I also love Easter, so you may be seeing a few Easter DIY crafts up on the blog soon.

I was at Target last night looking at all of the Easter things and something I noticed (which I already knew) was that cards are so expensive, especially the ones for the upcoming holidays. I don’t think I could rationalize spending 4-6 dollars per card, especially because we have so many people to send cards to! Then I decided I would just buy some stickers and make homemade Easter cards – a much cheaper alternative. After all, we’re newly married and so we try to be smart with our money.

Here’s what I did:

  • I bought Easter stickers from Target (super cute, huh!?)
  • I cut out Easter egg shapes from white card stock paper
  • Using my pastel sharpie makers and stickers, I decorated my Easter egg cards
  • All done! It was fun and inexpensive
  • Happy crafting 🙂

easter cards 1.jpg easter cards 2 .jpg easter cards 3.jpg easter cards 4.jpg

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