As I mentioned in my weekly meal post, I am trying to enjoy seafood more. I am starting this new trend by eating some shrimp. Paired with chicken, this is a much more affordable way to enjoy “surf and turf”.

Our shrimp was farm raised locally and so the price was reasonable. Plus, half a pound of shrimp is enough to satisfy two shell fish lovers. (Well, one lover, and one in the making).

The marinade we made left these two proteins tasting a little bit spicy with a classic old bay styled seasoning on your lips.

chicken, cut up into small pieces
raw shrimp
white onion, chopped
red pepper, chopped

1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 hot pepper sauce of choice (we like Cholula)
1 tbsp Chesapeake Bay Seasoning

1. Marinate your shrimp and chicken for an hour or more covered in the fridge. *Keep the shrimp unpeeled.
2. Place onto skewers with some slices of white onion and red pepper. Always keep a little bit of space between everything on your skewers to allow the heat to cover all sides. Overloading your skewers can cause uneven cooking!
3. Now, place the chicken and shrimp on kabobs and place on the grill. It doesn’t take long for these tiny pieces of chicken and shrimp. About 5 minutes max each side!
4. Enjoy your shrimp and chicken right off your skewers, or remove first and enjoy over a bed of brown rice pilaf like we chose to.
5. Enjoy!

shrimp-and-chicken-kabob-3- shrimp-and-chicken-kabob-3- shrimp-and-chicken-kabob-3-