Thank you to Gorton’s Seafood for sponsoring this post!

We were so excited when we heard that Gorton’s now offers a new product that feeds the specific urge of my fried-fish-loving family. Their new Fish Sandwich fillets are very high quality, sustainably wild-caught Alaska Pollock and come out perfectly glistening inside with a beautiful crunchy outside. We love knowing this and feel so confident feeding our two little girls fish that is 100% whole fillet of fish with no fillers, preservatives, artificial colors/flavors, hydrogenated oils and no antibiotics. We are beyond thrilled when we watch our girls enjoying and devouring Gorton’s Fish Sandwich Fillets because we just think about all of the protein and natural Omega 3’s that their little bodies are getting! They typically devour Gorton’s fish sticks (easy for their little hands), but they loved these fillets just the same.

When we think fried fish, we think fish tacos or fried fish sandwiches, which is why we knew this new product would be a great fit for our family. Sliders were the first thing we thought of because we love having different toppings and options, and the product is so versatile that you could top it with many different variations. This is also a great way to host, and could turn this into more of a “fish slider bar” where your guests could create their own sliders with a wide range of toppings. It was a major hit for the entire family.

The Classic:

tartar sauce with dill pickles, and a fresh squeeze of fresh lemon.

The Club:

Bibb lettuce, thick slice of tomato, tartar sauce.

The Fish Taco in a Bun:

Fresh shredded cabbage/carrot slaw with spicy red pepper avocado mayo. And a splash of rice vinegar, and fresh cilantro.

The Green and Hot:

Crushed avocado/sour cream topped with fresh jalapeƱo slices.