gourmesso coffee pods

When I first started – and named – this blog The Newlyweds Cookbook, I never knew how life would change for me so rapidly.

As my husband and I approach our four year wedding anniversary this summer, we find ourselves with two young girls. One was born just one short month ago.

The other big change?… I’ve become a coffee addict.

It’s true! Once upon a time I never touched the stuff. Now, I have my husband (the past barista and lifelong coffee lover) showing me new roasters, blends, and ways to enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee.

Unfortunately, these two life events haven’t “meshed” too well. For the first time in my life I want to wake up, grind some beans, and make a huge pot of coffee, sit on the couch, and have a few long sips. Thing is, these girls of mine wake up by 6am and are ready to start their days with a big breakfast and an even bigger serving of energy.

I found myself with no time for coffee, and a headache.

That’s when a Nespresso machine came into my life. I’ve always been skeptical of Keurig machines due to the fact that my husband and I can put down 10-12 cups of coffee a day, the quality of the coffee, and the price of the pods. I thought the Nespresso machine would have the same issues, but it turns out that it was the extra hand I needed each morning.

Now I can make a quick caffeine shot or a whole cup (you can keep pressing the button for more water) in the fraction of the time it took me to get the drip maker up and running. It doesn’t really need to be cleaned, and the pods are way more affordable – and much higher quality – than I had previously seen. Since we have an Amazon Prime membership, I can get some Gourmesso coffee pods shipped to me in two days for no extra charge.

Plus, it’s an added bonus that these machines and the pods take up almost no space, and it’s a slick looking contraption. I’m pretty picky about what gets to stay on our counter, and so far these have made the cut. AND, some of my favorite bloggers have created some really cool recipes for iced coffees and other yummy drinks that are quick to make using a Nespresso machine.

Another coffee win? We’ve started making our own simple syrups from the Pineapple Mint that grows in our backyard. It’s a great way to add a twist to our coffee when we’re craving something sweet, but we can rest easy knowing it’s natural and FREE.

Of course, with coffee this good my biggest challenge these days is to not let my newborn get too jittery. I’ve been keeping my intake down for now. One day I’ll be throwing back as many as I want!

As our lives continue to change, we promise to keep this blog looking it’s best, and always sharing what new challenges we’ve tried to find some insight on. From coffee tips like this, to recipes, to reflections on being new parents, the Newlyweds Cookbook lives on!