The day has finally arrived! Our Tomorrow Sleep mattress showed up at our front door step!!! We can not contain our excitement!

tomorrow sleep

We all had a blast with this fun arrival. My husband and I spent time opening up the memory foam mattress and watching it slowly expand, while our daughters had fun playing inside all the empty boxes playing hide and seek and pretending to be jack-in-the-boxes. It blow my mind that a king size mattress comes in a box like this.

It feels like Christmas, and it sure beats stringing it up on the roof of the car to haul it back home from a store. No one wants to drive behind a car with a mattress on the roof…

Once the Tomorrow Sleep mattress was done expanding and growing, our daughter had to be the first one to jump right on it and make it her own private stage to show off her latest dance moves.

tomorrow sleep

Once we got the mattress protector on, we proceeded to make the bed – sheets, pillow cases, comforter, and all, we couldn’t wait for our first sleep on this new hybrid mattress.

When they say that Tomorrow Sleep has the best hybrid mattress (I wasn’t even sure what that meant at first), they are not joking around.

We had another name brand memory foam mattress before this, and while it served us well (confession, over 10+ years!), it had it’s downside. One of the most obvious was that it was just SO DARN HOT. I know Forrest and I operate at different temperatures to begin with, but he’d be sweating it out with a single sheet, while I had three comforters and a sweatshirt on, and still cold! With our new mattress, we can finally stay at just the right temp.

Also, as a side note, our daughter never used to come into our bed in the middle of the night to sleep with us, but now, all of a sudden she does…coincidence? I think not! She is a huge Tomorrow Sleep fan! Thank goodness we have the extra room now as well. There might even be room for her little sister to join in…for now.

As lame as it may sound, we used to avoid our bedroom throughout the day. It just didn’t seem…homey enough. Now, we cherish every chance we get to watch a movie, let the girls play a game of “airplane” with their dad, or just have a cup of coffee together before the girls wake up sleep.