Easy Easter Bark

Whether you’re hosting this Easter, or will be a guest at somebody else’s home, this very easy to make Easter Bark will definitely liven up any dessert table!

easy easter bark

I love this Easter Bark because pastels are without a doubt my favorite color group. I love the light blues, greens, yellows and pinks. They’re so cheery …but more importantly, they mean that SPRING IS HERE! (Finally, right?!)

easy easter bark

Besides the beautiful color and texture that this Easter dessert brings, I believe the most notable fact about this Easter Bark is how remarkably easy it is.

It literally takes about 5 minutes to prepare. I think you would agree that any easy-to-make dessert that tastes great and looks beautiful should be taken advantage of!

package of melting white chocolate, made for melting
handful of pastel M&M’s
sleeve of spring Oreos (they have yellow frosting)
pastel color sprinkles

1. Melt the white chocolate (whether on the stove on low heat), or in the microwave.
2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, and crush on the Oreos, spread out the M&Ms and sprinkles!
3. Place in the fridge for an hour or until chocolate has completely hardened.
4. Using your hands, break off pieces to your desired shape.
5. Enjoy!

easy easter bark

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