DIY Fall Flower Jars

My mom and I love crafting together.

She is the naturally crafty one, I just try to keep up with her! For example, check out all of the things that she helped me with for my DIY wedding! I don’t know what I would have ever done without during the wedding planning!

A few days ago, we decided to get our craft on and make some DIY burlap covered mason jars and fill them with fake fall-inspired flowers.

This of course called for a trip to one of our favorite stores – Michaels.

We decided to buy a bunch of different bundles of fake flowers. This was because I didn’t want a jar full of one single kind of flower. So, I cut the different sections off of each bundle so that each mason jar could have a variety of color, height, and beauty! (Yes, fake flowers can be beautiful).

They last longer, right?! 🙂 AKA money saver!

All you need:
some mason jars
burlap —> you can buy it here
burlap ribbon  —> you can buy it here
red and green yarn (ribbon would work too) – yellow or orange would be great as well
fake flowers
hot glue gun & hot glue sticks

Here’s what you do:
1. Hot glue the burlap around the jar.  ***Be careful, this stuff is hot!
2. Hot glue the burlap ribbon in the middle of your first burlap strip.
3. Tie the yarn around the jar and then tie a pretty bow.
4. Stick the flowers inside! No water needed of course!
5. Enjoy!

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