Two weeks in a row now that these Crunchwrap’s have been in our weekly meal plan and I am loving it! I was first inspired to try it when I was scrolling through Pinch of Yum‘s Instagram account.

When I brought it to Forrest’s attention, he was like “haven’t you had one from Taco Bell before?!” And to his surprise, I have never been to Taco Bell. Not once. Apparently you can order these Crunch Wrap Supremes there?

Regardless, I think I will stick to making them at home 🙂

Like I mentioned, we used Pinch of Yum’s Crunchwrap Supreme recipe, however, the only thing we did differently was use ground chicken instead of beef.

We are definitely going to be enjoying these a lot. And Forrest said to me, “imagine what a cool mom you’d be if you put these in our girls lunch boxes when they’re off to school?!