The holiday season has, unsurprisingly, been a little hectic.

This is definitely not a rant against Christmas, or really anything to do with Christmas, other than the schedule (and accompanying cold weather) can really make our home life feel a little…well, busy!

It’s a good busy really. Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, baking cookies with friends, driving around to snoop on Christmas light displays, buying a Christmas tree, family get togethers. It’s all good! But it leaves this mom feeling tired and in need of some downtime. Our little ones give off this same feeling at times, too.

I’ve always been a crafter, even if I can’t do lettering like my mom, or cut a perfect paper snowflake. It’s always been something I enjoy doing myself or as a parent, and the Christmas season seems like an extra special time to craft. That being said, when we are relaxing at home as a family I am not always looking to plan out an extensive “craft” with page-long instructions and an overwhelming supply list. That’s why I have been loving on OOLY products so much recently.

With creative, fun products like Chalk – O – Rama and Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue , it gives me the freedom to sort of leave a couple options out for my girls to explore on their own and use their imagination. Less rules, more excitement! They’ve enjoyed making Christmas ornaments, letters to Santa, or just simply drawing their version of a Christmas tree with paper and pencil.

I’ll take any chance I can find for a quiet moment and a cup of coffee between Thanksgiving and December 25th, and our new craft time has really helped this happen!

We continue to be the biggest fans of OOLY craft supplies and would recommend them to anyone looking for some stocking stuffer ideas 🙂