Sometimes when we can’t decide what to make, or we simply want to hit as many food groups as possible, we make one of these yummy protein bowls.

It is a healthy way to enjoy a variety of foods without having it between two slices of bread, or in a wrap. They always seem to be extremely filling as well. Today we made a variation of our Turkey Burger Bowl and I could not have been more pleased or satisfied with how it turned out.

We topped tonights Chicken Cashew Bowl with Sunshine Nut Co.’s Cashews. They added the perfect crunch and flavor to our dinner.

Even better than the flavor these cashews add is the mission their company fulfills every day. All their product is harvested, roasted, and packaged in Mozambique, with local employees who would have perhaps not had an opportunity like this if it weren’t for the amazing social commitment of Sunshine Nut Co.

We love this Cashew company and their story, you can watch their founder describe the company’s amazing journey here. It’s a great video!


1 large sweet potato, peeled and diced
2 cups chicken broth
sprinkle of turmeric
box of farro, cooked according to directions on the box
2 chicken breasts, grilled and sliced
couple of eggs, hard boiled
Sunshine Nuts Co. Cashews
handful of arugula

1. Pour the chicken broth into a sauce pan and cook the sweet potatoes until mashable, sprinkle with some turmeric.
2. Assemble your bowl – mashed sweet potatoes, farro, hard boiled eggs, arugula, and sprinkle with some crushed Sunshine Nuts Co. Sprinkle of Salt Cashews. 
3. Enjoy with some of your favorite dressing or plain, whichever you prefer!