Whats better than a board full of assorted meats, cheese, crackers, and fruit? Especially when that cheese is Sartori Cheese ūüėČ We are such huge fans of the assortment that they sent over last week. Espresso cheese?! Have you heard of that before? I sure hadn’t, and it totally surprised me – so so good!

This has become a tradition that Forrest and I have been enjoying together. It is what each of us requests for our anniversary, or for a birthday celebration. And, I am even more of a fan now ever since Forrest converted me into an olive lover (I truly never saw that one coming!) Actually, for better or for worse, even our two year old enjoys these salty treats (olives + pickles) as well. Is that good or bad?

There is something so fancy and romantic about enjoying a cheese board (or cheese plate) with your spouse! Now, if we were extra fancy, we’d probably enjoy a glass of wine with this deletable spread…but wine is¬†not¬†my thing!

Anyways, I hope that you read this and feel inspired to prepare a cheese board for you and a special someone, or perhaps have it our at a house party.

I have come to terms with the fact that I will probably never reach What’s Gaby Cooking levels, but I still like to have fun with it!

This is what I like to do:
2-3 different types of crackers
3-4 different types of Sartori Cheese
3-4 different types of meat
2-3 different types of fruit
a handful of olives
your favorite spread, we love Dalmatia Fig Spread