blt pizza
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BLT Pizza

I love seeing those three letters together…B…L…T. Especially when followed by the word pizza. We love, and I mean we love pizza. We got the idea for this pizza from one of our favorite restaurants. They serve a BLT pizza there…

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chicken sweet potato burrito
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Sweet Potato BBQ Wrap

Do you ever eat out, order something, and then love it so much that you want to try making it at home? I know this feeling all too well. I always love trying to make restaurant meals back home. This…

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Our Guilty Pleasure

I’ve been keeping a secret from you… It’s time I come clean. Some nights, when we aren’t in the mood to cook a fancy meal because we love it, we make what has become our guilty pleasure. There’s really no name…

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pumpkin brownies
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Pumpkin Brownies

My relationship with the fall is very much a love / hate one. I love it because it means all things flannel, cozy, and pumpkin! I dislike the fall soley due to the fact that winter is what follows. Foods…

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peach salsa
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Peach Salsa

If you read my last post, you would have seen that I do some guest blogging for Cuisinart Kitchen Appliances and have enjoyed the partnership that we have together. I have also been having a blast with the food processor…

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