pomegranate salad
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Pomegranate Salad

Would you rather buy a $7.99 bottle of POM juice or grab a $2.00 pomegranate and make your own fun with it?! We bought a pomegranate for our Thanksgiving dinner, and didn’t want to just use it for decoration next…

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breakfast pizza
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Breakfast Pizza

This meal puts a whole new spin on the term “breakfast pizza”. To me, breakfast pizza has always meant day old, refrigerated take out pizza. Grabbing a slice of day old cold pizza is in the past because now we…

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Rainbow Salad

After making our “best salad ever” last week, we knew we would have a hard time trying to top it. However, tonight’s rainbow salad was so beautiful, full of color, and bursting with all sorts of flavors! Let’s just say, it…

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“The Best Salad Ever”

“This is the best salad ever,” said my husband after finishing up his salad. These words are music to my ears! I love making food that my husband devours right up! This salad was the best. I mean it! The combination of the blueberries,…

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Grilled Tuna Bacon Melt

Leftovers are more powerful than you may think. At the end of the week, we’re left with a sparse fridge and only a mix match of random ingredients. This can make weekend eating more complicated…or more interesting. Case in point,…

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