whole wheat donuts
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Whole Wheat Donuts

Everyone knows I am a cookbook collector, and this Christmas, my mom got me Mastering the Art of Baking, a beautiful cookbook that I have quickly become obsessed with. After paging through it, I realized there was a donut recipe….

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pumpkin brownies
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Pumpkin Brownies

My relationship with the fall is very much a love / hate one. I love it because it means all things flannel, cozy, and pumpkin! I dislike the fall soley due to the fact that winter is what follows. Foods…

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easy easter bark
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Easy Easter Bark

Whether you’re hosting this Easter, or will be a guest at somebody else’s home, this very easy to make Easter Bark will definitely liven up any dessert table! I love this Easter Bark because pastels are without a doubt my favorite…

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