homemade blueberry sauce
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Homemade Blueberry Sauce

Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh, sweet and delicious homemade blueberry sauce? On a day filled with nothing but snow drifts and wind gusts outside, we decided that we’d make the inside of our kitchen a warm and cozy place. That can…

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gingerbread pancakes
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Healthy Gingerbread Pancakes

Today was my first experience with gingerbread pancakes, and I will let you know right now that it will not be the last, especially as we are entering the cold winter months! There is something about having homemade healthy gingerbread…

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breakfast tortilla bowls
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Breakfast Tortilla Bowls

Breakfast tortilla bowls are the perfect combination of two of our well loved meals – chicken tortilla bowls and breakfast pizza. We tried to think of a way to combine the two to make for a tasty, quick and easy…

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breakfast pizza
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Breakfast Pizza

This meal puts a whole new spin on the term “breakfast pizza”. To me, breakfast pizza has always meant day old, refrigerated take out pizza. Grabbing a slice of day old cold pizza is in the past because now we…

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Breakfast Enchiladas

We all have our favorite meal that we know doesn’t look too appealing to the camera. Well, that is the case with our breakfast enchiladas. No matter how many times we tried, we just couldn’t seem to get a good…

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