bright box

So, I have two daughters that share a bedroom, a six month old and a two year old, and trying to get them both down for their nap can be quite a struggle. The other day was a tough one. Neither girl felt the need to have a little snooze. I was feeling just a bit defeated.

I know, I know…it’s not the end of the world, but on this specific day I was feeling particularly run-down. Then I heard the mail man stop at our house! Am I the only person who gets super excited to hear the mail man?! It’s normally just a couple bills and a circular, but I always have this hope that something is coming for me!

I love receiving mail. Seeing an envelope with my name on it, handwritten…boom, day made. 

So anyways, back to when I heard the mail man stop, I ran to the mail box, and I had a box waiting for me! A box, with my name on it, (not handwritten, but I quickly got over that!) I opened up the package and the first thing I see is a note that says “You are loved.”

<3 This is my love language right here! I had received a Bright Box! I loved it. Cute note, pink confetti, some little candies, and a bath bomb. How adorable!

I couldn’t even believe how happy this made me. To receive a little box in the mail filled with a few cute items went so far for me, especially on a day I where I felt very ready for bedtime.

What to join in on the fun? Send a Bright Box to a friend, a family member, someone you know well, or someone you would like to get to know better. Just let someone know you are thinking of them. You could just make their day. 🙂