Husband Guest Post!

It’s a dilemma that we’ve all gone through…

It’s no secret breakfast is the greatest meal of the day. The options are endless. In what other meal could you have steak, fruit, a donut, bacon, a slice of crumb cake, smoked salmon, coffee — and still be considered sane? None. Breakfast is the king of meals.

But here’s the kicker. Breakfast is also the most skipped meal of the day, or for some of us, the only meal we try to concoct in about 10 seconds only to drop it all over our laps on our drive to work. See the problem?

This is why my husband and I include a “breakfast for dinner” night every couple weeks or so. We can give homage to all the various options breakfast contains, and we have the time to plan out and enjoy it at the table, with our eyes open. This weeks choice came as a solution to how we’d use some leftover ingredients in our fridge. We had leftover tortillas from our quesadillas earlier in the week, as well as some eggs (who doesn’t have these lying around?) and some bacon that had been given to us over the weekend. Thus the breakfast burrito was imagined. It’s a perfect Friday night meal. Not too much work, but so tasty and fun. You can add just about anything you want to in your own burrito. Let me know what you decide to use!

eggs, scrambled with low-fat milk
cheddar cheese
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Cook your bacon on the stove on medium heat until crispy, or however you like it.
2. Scramble your eggs with milk, salt and pepper. Cook them on the stove. (You don’t want them watery since they will be going in a wrap and you don’t want them to drip!)
3. On your tortilla, place the eggs, then the cheese, and lastly, the bacon. Wrap it on up!
4. Once wrapped tightly, we suggest that you place it back on the stove and press it down with a panini press or just leave it there, seal-side down, so that it crisps up and helps hold your burrito together. You can do this on both sides if you’d like for about 2-3 minutes…See pictures below for clarification.
5. Serve with salsa or hot sauce. Enjoy! 🙂

breakfast burrito 1 .jpgbreakfast burrito 2.jpg.jpgbreakfast burrito 3.jpg breakfast burrito 4.jpg breakfast burrito 5.jpg breakfast burrito 6.jpg breakfast burrito 7.jpg breakfast burrito 8.jpg breakfast burrito 10.jpg breakfast burrito 11.jpg breakfast burrito finished .jpg