A couple of years ago, my dad started bringing home steak from a Brazilian grocery store nearby. After having it the first time, I immediately knew that they were working with some high quality beef, and that they definitely knew how to marinate their steaks.

Needless to say, I acquired the address of the store, and every once in a while my husband and I stop in for some of this amazing beef.

Tonight, we decided to sear the steaks on the stovetop, and then slice the meat super thin for some delicious steak sliders! The meat makes this a great dinner, the fact that we used fresh homemade bread makes this meal spectacular! I don’t expect you to just decide on making homemade bread on a whim, and that’s 100% okay, these steak sliders will be the perfect treat no matter what.

Marinated steak tips (any marbled cut will do)
Fresh Arugula
Dijon Mustard
Red Onion
1 tbsp unsalted butter
Homemade Bread or rolls of choice

1. Get a pan nice and hot and place your steaks right on it to sear. Don’t keep one side on this highest heat for more than 20 seconds (you want a little burn/char). After you’ve seared both sides, lower your heat to medium-low and add the butter. Cover for 6-7 minutes then remove steak.
2. To pack some flavor into your onion, slice it nice and thin and add them into the leftover steak juices and let them sit on low heat for a few minutes.
3. To prepare each slider, spread some dijon mustard on one side of your bread or roll. Place a few sprigs of arugula onto each roll, and then place a healthy amount of thinly sliced steak on top. Top these off with some caramelized red onion.
4. Enjoy!

steak sliders 1 .jpg steak sliders 2 .jpg steak sliders 3.jpg steak sliders 4.jpg steak sliders 5.jpg