A BLT is the perfect summer sandwich, so adding guacamole to it make this the perfect sandwich. Period.

There is nothing quite like a pile of salty, crispy bacon next to a generous portion of fresh sliced tomatoes. Add in some arugula and you’ll be pleased.

…I guess these are technically BAT’s since we used arugula instead of lettuce. 😉

lettuce, (we used arugula)
your favorite bread

1. Cook your bacon to your preference of crispiness.
2. Slice your tomatoes.
3. Wash your lettuce, or arugula.
4. Toast your bread, and spread on the guacamole.
5. Now add all the ingredients into the bread, and dive in.
6. Enjoy!

blt with guac 1 jpg blt with guac 2 .jpg blt with guac 3  .jpg blt with guac 4.jpg