love storyOur love story…where do I even begin?

My husband Forrest and I both attended Gordon College…that is, until he transferred to Temple University after his first semester freshman year. The one semester that we were both at college together, we knew of each other but never spoke. The following year, he came back to the area to visit some friends – and that is when we officially met and hit it off.  I immediately got his phone number and we started texting, Skyping, chatting on the phone, and sending each other snail mail. After all, we were 300 miles apart.

I knew there was something special about him and he loved Jesus, which was crucial. Forrest has always been good at making me laugh and making every day a brighter day. He is by far the most thoughtful man I have ever met. He is always so sweet and tender. I love his positive attitude and the way he loves others. His heart is so so big!

He became my best friend instantly and after a few months of only communicating over our phones, computers, and snail mail, Forrest made a trip up to Massachusetts to visit me. We proceeded to take countless Megabus trips back and forth from PA to MA every few weekends (back when Megabus roundtrips cost .50 cents!). My love for Forrest grew and grew until we couldn’t stand being apart much longer, so he decided that for his senior year of college he would transfer back up to a college in MA. This was the best thing that could have ever happened! It was so beneficial to our relationship. We knew that we were both apart of God’s plan for one another.

On November 12, 2012, after a very long and well thought out scavenger hunt that led me to Forrest down on one knee, he asked me to be his wife…of course I said YES!

We celebrated our beautiful wedding on August 3, 2013. Everything about it was perfect. The flowers, the colors, the weather, the ceremony, the outpouring of love that we felt from our family and friends. And most importantly, the fact that we came together and made our covenant before Christ. We could not have asked for a more spectacular day. I thank God for blessing that day with His mighty love.

Married life is all we had hoped it would be and more. We love sharing every day together and creating memories with one another. Forrest and I fall more and more in love each day. I am so BEYOND blessed to call him my wonderful husband and my best friend.

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