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December 2018


Creative Down Time with OOLY

The holiday season has, unsurprisingly, been a little hectic. This is definitely not a rant against Christmas, or really anything to do with Christmas, other than the schedule (and accompanying cold weather) can really make our home life feel a little…well,…

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hooray heros personalized christmas book

Christmas Stories

There is almost nothing better than bringing up all the Christmas bins from the basement and reminiscing over all the decorations, ornaments, festive garlands, and stockings that come out. We even have one bin that is completely dedicated to books….

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keto lemon bar
Desserts, Recipes

Keto Lemon Bars

Our ketogenic journey is still marching on, and we’ve been continuing to work on how this new way of eating can fit as naturally into our lives as possible. We don’t like to feel like the meals or snacks we’re…

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