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December 2017

Dinner, Recipes

Chicken Cashew Bowl

Sometimes when we can’t decide what to make, or we simply want to hit as many food groups as possible, we make one of these yummy protein bowls. It is a healthy way to enjoy a variety of foods without…

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al fresco sausage
Dinner, Lunch, Recipes

Chicken Sausage Skillet

Forrest and I are trying to get ahead of the game with the upcoming New Years Resolutions. Starting last week, we’ve been trying to eat much healthier. Both of us are trying to shed a little bit of weight and…

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Desserts, Recipes

Christmas Cookies

One of our favorite traditions each year is making sugar cookies! We started the year we got married, and it has become a bit messier with each year as we now have two little girls to help us out, but…

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Crafts, Home Life

Ornament Making With Our Toddler

I have been having so much fun enjoying this fun Christmas season with my girls, especially my oldest, because she is really into doing special activities and has been LOVING all things Christmas. I think we drive to the same…

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Crafts, Home Life

Snowflake Activity Time

Each day, I try to have a special activity planned for my oldest daughter and I while our little one is taking her morning nap (when she decides to take one). This has become a really special time for us…

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