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May 2014

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Detox Smoothie

Last night, my husband and I watched the documentary Hungry for Change, and were taken back by some of the information we heard. It really is amazing how much you can learn about a food by its ingredient label. And,…

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Homemade Marinara Sauce

Who doesn’t love a fresh homemade marinara sauce? This marinara sauce tastes extra fresh and extremely tasty, not to mention super quick and easy. The good thing about this sauce is that you could double it, triple it, and stick it…

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Spicy Garlic Burgers

Husband Guest Post! Now that the weather is warming up for good, the grill gets to make an appearance 1-2 times a week…this is good, very good. In case you have yet to enjoy the experience of crafting your own…

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Fluffy Baked French Toast

You may know by now that we love having breakfast for dinner. You also may know that we don’t hesitate to enjoy the sweeter side of breakfast every now and then…enter, Baked French Toast. This super fluffy baked french toast…

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weekly meal schedule
Weekly Meal Schedules

Meals For The Week 5/19

My husband is finally getting better after his appendectomy; therefore, we can have more substantial food then last week. However, that mac ‘n cheese was a big hit! In our home, we love having breakfast for dinner and that is exactly what we’re…

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